FindYou answers some of your most frequently asked questions about the app below

Why can’t I tag people or find users profiles?

FindYou is a unique application that helps you find photos from a place and time you were once at. The idea is that FindYou does not require you to know the person or profile, by having this unique approach we can make sure no photos include personal named information.

How do I charge for photos?

Right now, FindYou is making sure all features work exactly as you expect. FindYou is currently only supporting free photo downloads and free profile use, however once we have this working as expected we will add it into a full app release.

How often does the app update?

It’s a new app and a small team of hard working super nerds – we hate mistakes and we hate pages that don’t run smoothly. As soon as we see something that annoys you we will aim for a very quick update. Other updates will include rapid security and vulnerability releases and feature updates.

Why was my photo or profile removed?

We can and we will take action as soon as we are made aware of any reported violations, if your photo or profile was removed it may have broken our privacy and/or terms of use policy. If you feel this was done in error, please send a message to support@findyou.photos

Where is the Android and Windows App?

I know ☹ as soon as we have a healthy user base on IOS we want to start development for Android and then Windows. We had to use expertise available at the time of developing the app and this started with IOS.

Is FindYou owned by a larger company?

No, we are an independent start-up, please support us!

Can I give you feedback?

Yes we’d love it! Please email ideas@findyou.photos

I have a concern how do I report it?

We really do intend to try and keep everyone happy, if you have any concerns please email report@findyou.photos

Does FindYou support TFA?

Not currently, we understand the benefits of TFA (Two Factor Authentication) and hope to have it included in a release soon.

Will FindYou continue to improve the app?

Yes of course all the time we want to keep the app modern, unique and evolving.

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