The final countdown…

The app is now a few months away from release, we have all been working incredibly hard on the quality and app response, we really do want the first release to be a great release!

I intend to have a beta version of the app available for a small group of testers, if you are interested please email

We are planning on adapting and improving the app constantly so feedback is crucial for the apps success and we welcome all feedback

So what’s the update?

As you can see the website is up and working, thanks to our friends at Shaun Power for the awesome design and layout. Marco and Valter have been working on the final bugs of the app use and I have been making sure the website and campaign videos link nicely to the app.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube should all be up and running

Some ideas for first use of the app

So hopefully as news spreads I wanted to give a few ideas and ways to use the app…

You, yes you – that normal person

If you are going on holiday, travelling, have a social event or a day out why not try FindYou? You’ll be amazed how many photos you are captured in you weren’t even aware of.

The Pro – yes you – with the flashy camera

Why not use FindYou at your next professional outing? It’s far easier at a wedding or serviced event to say to guests find the photos on FindYou, you can make them available for download on FindYou or redirect them to your website for paid prints!

I hope to have further updates for you next month,

Until then,

Keep testing!


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