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In early 2017 I went on holiday with my girlfriend to Cuba, as part of the trip we stayed in a small town called Trinidad. Trinidad has many vibrant colourful streets and historic buildings – a true world heritage site. Whilst here we took many photos, there was one photo I captured on my phone that had the sunset, the streets declining down to the main square and surrounding hills of the town – it was a beautiful photo. In the middle of this photo was a couple looking at each other holding hands, a once in a life time shot.

On my way back to the hotel, high on the rich smell of gas from the 1950 Cadillac, I found the photo in my camera roll. I remember thinking to myself this couple will never know who I am, they will never know I have taken this photo and they will never be able to see it, if only there was some way to find photos of yourself, unconnected from others using a place and time you have once been….

I came up with the idea of FindYou, FindYou allows you to find photos against a time, date and location you were once at. The idea is that no names or tagging are required or ever used, it will allow people to find photos of themselves they may wish to download, share or request purchase – (if it’s from a professional photographer’s profile).

Please join me in sharing, loving and using FindYou to find that once in a lifetime photo.

Liam Rogers, Founder of FindYou

Meet the Team

Liam Rogers

Founder of FindYou

My background is far away from app building and development, a keen sports enthusiast I also have a passion for technology. My professional background is in IT, I am an ITIL Expert and Chartered IT Professional.

I couldn’t ignore the idea for FindYou, I see opportunities for use in most occasions, from holidays and nights out to weddings and festivals, FindYou will help find your perfect photo. In 2017 I started to form a team to work on my idea.

Marco Canteiro

Project and Design Manager

Hi I'm Marco Canteiro, a Digital Product Designer based in London. Liam approached me with the idea of FindYou and got my interest straight away. We've sketched a few ideas together and iterate on different parts of the app many times until we were all happy to get the first version live.

It has been really interesting being part of this journey with the FindYou team.
Your feedback will always be appreciated. I hope to FindYou soon!

Valter Louro

Lead app designer

I’m Valter and I’m a Mobile Developer from Portugal. I have a degree on Multimedia and formation on Mobile Development. I found out about FindYou through the app designer Marco since we both studied together, and I got involved in the development of FindYou because I like challenges.

So what are you waiting for….
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